Demonic Reductions: Part 4

It's been a long day for the Helltaker. Three demonesses now reduced to doll size, and not even a clue as to how or why. He needed to unwind, to distract himself from the current chaos as Justice and Azazel investigate the situation. Fortunately, Malina needed a gaming buddy, or at least some company. So for a few hours after dusk that's what they had been doing.

That is until trouble returned. Just as Malina was squaring off with the current level's boss, Helltaker could feel a change. His company was growing smaller and lighter in his lap. At that point for Malina, it was a mad dash in hopes of defeating her digital foe before it was too late. Ignoring modesty entirely to focus on the fight, but, alas, just as the final stage began, her limbs became too small. Arms unable to quickly move between pressing down buttons and moving the joysticks.

Finally giving up in frustration, she watches the boss hammer her character

Story by M45k3d1
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (2731x4096)

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