Danger Zone!

“Okay, Archer, what was so damned important that–” Lana stopped, realizing Archer wasn’t in Krieger’s laboratory. In fact, nobody was. She turned to find Cheryl closing the lab door. “What the hell, Cheryl? You said Archer needed me to come here asap.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have come if I told you that I was gonna use Krieger’s shrink ray on you, right?” Cheryl replied, waving a remote control in her hand.

“What?” Lana said sharply. “Shrink ray?”

“Yeah!” Cheryl said enthusiastically. She pressed a button on the remote and a large laser turned to fire at Lana, enveloping her with glowing red energy.

Instantly, Lana felt a strange tingling; in moments, her clothes started shifting and loosening, and her eye level began to sink. “What the fuck, Cheryl?!” she snapped. She moved toward Cheryl, intending to grab the remote, but she tripped on her shoes, which were suddenly loose and wobbly. “Oh my God, I’m shrinking!”

“Duh,” Cheryl replied mockingly. “It wouldn’t be a shrink ray otherwise, would it?”

“Why the hell would you do this to me?” Lana cried, trying to hold up her sagging clothes.

“Cuz I wanted to use it on myself, but I needed to make sure it was safe first!” Cheryl said. “No way would I use it on Mrs. Archer, and Pam is out of the office today, so it kinda had to be you.” She pressed the button again and the laser turned to her, zapping her with the red beam. “Whoa, this is soooo tingly. Feels good!” she said as she began to dwindle, her clothes also becoming loose on her body.

“Okay, you know it works, so why don’t you turn me back to normal?” Lana said angrily, yelping in embarrassed shock as her dress fell off.

“Well, I don’t really know how. Krieger told me, but I wasn’t paying attention to all the boring science stuff,” Cheryl said, smiling happily down at herself. “It’s so cool that this works!”

“You don’t know how?!” Lana roared. “So we’re stuck like this until someone finds us?”

Cheryl shrugged. “Probably.”

“I’m gonna kill you!” Lana screamed. “Just you wait until we’re the same size!”

Cheryl snapped her fingers. “Oh! Right! Thanks for reminding me! I need to keep you smaller than me so you don’t try anything.” She pressed the button again and the laser fired at Lana, shrinking her even smaller.

“God dammit,” Lana snarled. “I hope whoever finds us, it isn’t Archer, or he’ll never shut up about it…”

Story by qzar9999
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2195x3150)

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