Conversation with the Overseer

Having been feminized and reduced to 1/100th scale, Nate and Piper are led into the vault proper by the vault security team. They have been handcuffed and ride an elevator up to the 12th floor, where the Overseer's office is located.

The Overseer is a surprisingly small woman, standing less than half the height of the other women in the room, with long red hair pulled back into a ponytail and wearing only a pair of spectacles. Her small strip of red pubic hair confirms that it is her natural hair color. Just above that on her belly, is a tattoo that reads, "Vault 1/100, Overseer". She is standing on top of what appears to be a large desk, and even then she is head and shoulders shorter than either Nate or Piper, who now stand in front of the desk, flanked by the security team.

She greets Nate and Piper. "Hello! Welcome to Vault One-one hundredth! I am the Overseer, Alison Reaves. I will go ahead and answer the questions you are most likely to ask: you have been feminized and shrunk. Both processes are irreversible. You will never be big again, and you will never be a man again," she says, motioning to Nate.

She reaches up and fondles Nate's breasts. "The sooner you accept these facts, the better off you will be. You will also be staying here permanently. We cannot risk outsiders learning of our existence, for obvious reasons. The rules are what you would expect. Don't steal, play nice with others, etc. Failure to do so will result in punishments ranging from public humiliation to being shrunk."

Nate ventures, "Is that what happened to you?"

Alison smiles. "No, though that's a good guess. In my case, each time a new overseer is chosen, by convention she must be the smallest woman in the vault, other than inmates in the prison. If she is bigger than her predecessor, she has to be shrunk. We have had ten overseers since the vault's inception, and they are all still alive, so each new overseer is smaller than the last. That is the price of power around here."

Piper interjects, "Wait, how can they all still be alive? Isn't the vault over 200 years old?"

Alison responds, "Yes. You see, the radiation we shrunk you with also halts the aging process. That was the actual goal of the vault. It just has the side effect of causing women to shrink."

"What about men?" asks Nate

"It kills them," says Alison, "hence the feminization chamber."

Alison continues, "The rules are harsh, but necessary. We have kept the peace here for two centuries, and I expect that to continue. If you interfere with that you will wind up here," she says, pointing to her desk. She opens a panel on top of the desk, revealing that it is hollow and contains a number of glass chambers, each of which contains a tiny, naked woman. She reaches down and opens the door to one of the chambers, grabbing the tiny woman within in her hand.

She holds the tiny woman up for Nate and Piper to see. The woman is completely bald, save for a patch of blonde pubic hair. She is scowling and crossing her arms while sitting in Alison's hand. "This is Eric 'Rowdy' Fleiss. She used to run a raider gang and stumbled down here maybe 30 years ago with her gang. They tried to take over the vault and failed. They still have 150 more years on their sentence, and once they have served that they will be housed in the mini ward. So, don't act like Eric or that's where you will end up."

She places the tiny woman back in her cell and closes the panel on her desk. She motions to the guards, "Please remove the cuffs and escort them to the infirmary."

She turns to Nate, "You're going to have a physical, then go to the Career Center and take the G.O.A.T., the 'Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test' to determine what career you will have here. Behave yourselves!"

The guards remove the cuffs from Nate and Piper and then escort them further into the vault.

Story by promethicon
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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