Co-Worker Fantasy

Andre always hated his boss. She'd always treated him like crap since he'd first started working there.

One day, he found a black magic spell which would allow him to shrink anything. So he learned how to do the spell and plotted his revenge. Andre also had a fetish for school girl outfits, so he shrunk a schoolgirl outfit before enacting his scheme.

The next day, Andre had an evil smile on his face when he went to his superior's office, shrinking his bitchy boss and dressing her in the doll-sized outfit. Then, as payback for years of humiliation, he had his way with her. She’s not so high and mighty now, whimpering and orgasming in the palm of his hand.

Revenge was sweet.

Story by Mr Shrinker
Artwork by StudioArieta-Nora

High resolution (2480x3508)

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