Catch a Bat 2

"Okay Harley, we made it through Gotham without getting eaten or trampled on."

"And we released my last shrink spore bomb at this charity event."

"What should happen now?"

"Listen up girls. We're causing enough panic among Gotham's high society that we're definitely getting attention from Batman. Mr. I'm-so-great-and-I-can-do-everything will surely help the poor people here and develop an antidote. We just have to wait for it to be released and bam, back to normal."

"Yeah, the panic part already worked. Thanks to our double dose, these moneysacks here are still giants compared to us!"

"I'll keep what I can away from us so we don't get trampled on."

"You're doing great, Ivy. Not long now and Batman will show up here. We even hit Mr. Wayne back there. Batman will never let down Gotham's darling..."

Story by Callrudy
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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