Brides to Be

The day was fast approaching: Karen and her BFF from college were to be wed. There was just one detail left to take care of: they needed a cake topper. Not some cheap plastic dolls, either, but something to wow their friends!

Karen had a crazy idea, and it was perfect... they should top their own cake! Meanwhile, the local mad scientist, Bob, was looking for test subjects, as he had created a shrink ray to further his dream of world domination. He promised it was safe, and that the pay was good. It took Karen some time to convince Mary, but eventually she relented. The two brides-to-be contacted Bob, whereupon they met and entered into an agreement.

Bob would shrink the pair in their wedding dresses, then bring them to the hall where the ceremony would be taking place. They would take their vows standing on a platform on the wedding cake, and Bob would restore them to their original sizes after the ceremony. It was perfect! Plus, the money they would receive would pay for the rest of the wedding.

Two days before the wedding, Karen and Mary reported to Bob’s lab for the test run, as they'd previously agreed to do. As they changed into their wedding gowns, Bob wired the money to their respective accounts, a pittance compared to his inherited wealth.

He positioned the two brides six feet away from the ray gun, checked the settings once more... and fired! The air crackled with electricity as the two women began to glow... and then an explosive flash filled the room. Bob rushed over to where Karen and Mary once stood. Initially, it seemed as though only a pile of clothes remained. However, Bob soon noticed movement under the clothes. The mad scientist found Karen, seven inches tall and naked, in her left shoe, while a similarly seven inch tall Mary was in the cup of her lacy bra.

Bob placed the two on a workbench as he tried to figure out why their clothes hadn't shrunk with them. As this was going on, the radio blared a special news bulletin...

"Due to the severity of the global pandemic, all businesses are hereby ordered to close in the next twenty-four hours. I repeat, due to the severity..."

As the announcement was replayed, an email from the catering company hall buzzed on Karen's phone, followed by another from the wedding venue, and the florist a little while after that. Having already paid for it all, Karen and Mary's wedding wasn't canceled, per se, but it was to be indefinitely postponed.

Six months later, the pandemic quarantine is still in effect... and both Karen and Mary remain seven inches tall. You see, Bob was a stickler for contract details and had already paid them in full. Thus, he refused to re-grow either of them until the wedding, as they'd agreed. That is, if he could. Bob had discovered that the shrink ray only worked properly on those who hadn't been exposed to the pandemic virus. Both Karen and Mary were asymptomatic carriers, so they are currently without a way to return to normal size!

Life isn’t all bad, though. Bob bought them a doll house to live in and provides them three meals a day. Plus, with so much of the world closed anyways, it’s not like there's much of anything to do...

Story by Encino
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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