Bridal Barbie

The curse put on Ali was vague and confusing.

Ali had been working for the bank for a little over a year at this point and she didn’t really enjoy the job, but the worst part about it by far was when she would have to make house calls to the people who were behind on their mortgages.

On one such day, she met an old woman who was particularly venomous with her anger. After a few moments of tense conversation, the old lady finally made a threat. The old lady said something about when she found her true love, she would become the little nothing that she has always been. Ali told her that she was sorry, but the bank was going to take her house no matter what.

“With each step you take, dwindle smaller and smaller, one day you’ll see life from a... new perspective.”

Ali shrugged it off as anger directed at the wrong person. It wasn't her fault that the old lady couldn’t afford the home.

Ali met Ben shortly afterwards, and never thought of the old woman or her idle threat again. They soon fell in love and (after a few very lustful months) decided to marry.

Ben watched Ali enter the church, arm-in-arm with her father. She began walking towards him.

At the first step down the aisle, the shrinking began. In the first few steps nothing seemed different. However, Ali began to notice that something was amiss by the fourth step.

She was of slender build, without much of a bust, and had insisted on wearing the strapless dress that she had tried on and instantly fell in love with. She had made sure to have it tailored tightly across her breasts to ensure that it would stay up, with the perfect side effect that it pushed her B-cup breasts up and together and gave her very ample looking cleavage... but now something was different. The fabric across the chest wasn’t as tight. In fact, it was actually feeling just the tiniest bit loose.

Another few steps and she could feel the white heels that gave her an extra three inches in height were pulling away from her ever so slightly.

Another step... shrink.

She could feel that something wasn’t right, but she continued on regardless.

It wasn’t until she was about halfway down the aisle that the first giggle was heard. It coincided with a sudden rush of cool air against her chest. She looked down to see that her dress and bra were drooping in the front and that the tops of her erect, pink nipples were on view for the entire wedding. She continued to walk forwards (so as not to show her embarrassment), using her bouquet hand to pull the dress and strapless bra back up. Unfortunately, it took her a few steps to try and pull it up, and with each step she lost even more height. The battle was already being lost. There was no pulling it back up now.

Another step... shrink.

She, in her desperation to keep her lithe body concealed, let her father's arm go. However, as she did, her dress dropped to the floor and she walked right out of her heels, quickly shrinking another three inches.

With each step she shrank smaller and smaller.

This had to be a nightmare... This couldn’t be really happening...

She had luckily kept a finger on her bra and was able to keep her panties from joining the dress on the floor.

She could see Ben’s mixture of surprise and fear.

She had already been reduced to just over half her original height. She looked ridiculous as a miniature woman attempting to cover herself with her panties and bra.

Another step... shrink.

She continued to walk forwards as the world grew around her. She had to get to Ben. She knew he would protect her.

Another step... shrink.

Everyone gasped as the beautiful, slender bride slowly shrank in front of them. The women began to giggle while the men took in the view (even as she took up less and less of their vision). There was something erotic about a beautiful woman walking down the aisle at her own wedding, all eyes on her as she suddenly lost everything and became a naked little toy... going from the powerful center of attention to... a naked little pet on the ground. Some of the teen boys in the audience craned their necks to watch as her panties slipped down to further expose her tiny ass.

Another step... shrink.

Everyone watched in shock as she desperately continued towards her soon-to-be-husband, hoping it was all just a nightmare.

Another step... shrink.

There go her panties.

Another step... shrink.

There goes her bra.

At first, she used her small hands to try and cover her puny chest and strip of hair. When she finally stopped in front of Ben though, she wasn’t even trying to cover up anymore. She was just two feet tall now. A little tiny nothing. A petite bride, reduced to a fun sized fuck toy.

It was over. She had reached him and the shrinking had stopped... but was it permanent?

She looked across the groomsmen, all of which were staring at her nude form. She looked over to her (comparatively amazonian) bridesmaids, as they all gawked at her.

She could feel it. All of it. The sudden change.

It was terrifying, but... she could feel herself getting wet from looking up at Ben, and the massive bulge that was right in front of her face…

Story by Make_them_small
Artwork by Enroc

High resolution (3300x5100)

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