Ms. Bryony Fawcett, 18, had always assumed that she was forgetful. Terribly forgetful, in fact. There wasn’t a tiny thing she owned which didn’t seem to go missing! She lived in a big old house, granted: a beautiful one-time estate of some description, long since sub-divided into large, regal family homes. The one her family lived in seemed to be a vortex for her own treasured possessions.

The thing is, it had nothing to do with the young, bright, bouncy, blonde’s memory. It was simply that these items were being ‘borrowed’. You see, down by the skirting board, Bryony had an admirer. The diminutive Ms. Variety Overmantle (so named after an 8-pack of mini-breakfast cereals and her family’s ancestral home above the breakfast room mantlepiece, respectively) had been taking everything. Under the floorboards, by Bryony’s knicker drawer, the tiny woman had been borrowing everything from jewels to coins to tin cans, giant make-up and even a few pairs of the bigger teen’s itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie underpants. In fact, the pocket-sized ginger had become quite infatuated by her relatively giant (4’11) counterpart. So much so that one day, well…

On the 23rd of May, at exactly 8:03pm, Variety ‘borrowed’ Bryony. All this had taken was pricking the giant blonde in the foot with a pin laced with a recently-rediscovered shrinking solution made from an old Borrower recipe. In under 30 seconds, the cute, giant, perfect, blonde Bryony was reduced to a cute, little, perfect four inches tall! Delighted by these results, Variety had explained everything about her life and her naughty shrinking plan with a wonderfully clueless gusto while leading the (now much shorter) teen down into her more humble accommodations.

Once there, and fifteen items of clothing later, they’d discovered that all things being scaled equally, Bryony was a total squirt! The smaller blonde teen now stood small, frustrated, and uppity, looking up at the annoyingly attractive face of her mouse-sized tormentor.

Just wait until Variety told her there was no such thing as a growth potion…

Story by ComradeNorth
Artwork by MisterEye

High resolution (4100x3135)

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