Better Off Shrunk

It seemed like no matter how long she worked there and no matter what she tried to do, Linda could never curb Veridian Dynamics’ utterly amoral actions in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

She blamed most of her frustration and failure on her direct supervisor Veronica, who generally thought of nothing but the bottom line and pleasing the higher-ups. She’d stall, undermine, and exclude Linda at every opportunity if it kept her masters happy.

One day, Linda decided she’d had enough.

She went down to the lab and “borrowed” an experimental matter compressor (Phil and Lem, the lab techs, had hastily corrected her when she called it a “shrink ray”) and strolled into Veronica’s office to show her just how dangerous some of the things Veridian was looking into could be…

Story by qzar9999
Artwork by Altercomics-Ponce

High resolution (2971x4594)

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