Barb's Sweet Tooth

Barb and Haley made a regular visit to Alexa's lab in the morning. It had taken over a year, but Alexa was pleased to find that both women had finally regained their normal sizes. The only lingering issue seemed to be that Barb was still as young as Haley. That didn't seem to bother her, though.

To celebrate, Alexa invited both of them on a shopping spree. In the middle of the day, they decided to get a bite to eat. Haley and Alexa weren't very hungry, so they opted to buy drinks. Barb had a bit of a sweet tooth, so she decided to buy a cake. She did, however, remember what chocolate would do to her (namely, turn her into a building-sized giantess), so she instinctively avoided it. She instead bought a white cake with vanilla frosting. She offered it to both women, but only Haley decided to have some. Alexa told her that she was on a diet.

Haley and Barb both enjoyed their cake, but something seemed to be off. Haley had first noticed that her shoes seemed to be loose. She got up to tie her laces, and was shocked to find that she also had to tighten her belt! Barb got up at the same time and noticed that her outfit was also a bit loose. Before long, both of them suddenly began to shrink further! Alexa watched in shock as both of them rapidly shrunk to half of their respective sizes. They were both practically swimming in their outfits!

When she had managed to get them back to her lab, they had both shrunk to the size of dolls! She ran some tests, and confirmed the white cake to be the culprit for their sudden changes. While chocolate had previously made them grow, white cake made them shrink!

Unfortunately, unlike the growth triggered by chocolate, it appeared as though the white cake's effect were permanent! Alexa had tried many solutions, but nothing seemed to make either women any larger. Even the darkest of chocolates seemed to have no effect!

Barb and Haley would have to endure their new perspectives for the time being...

Story by TopsyTurvy
Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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