Allison hated her roommate Olivia. She was loud, rude, and flaunted her beauty over her every chance she got. Allison decided that enough was enough and attempted to permanently cut her tormentor down to size.

What Allison did not expect was Olivia taking out her compact to check her make-up the exact moment Allison cast the spell -- sending it right back at her. All Allison could do was watch as her world began growing much, much larger.

Olivia watched with fascination as her roommate continued to dwindle, only stopping when she was just under three inches tall. Olivia carefully approached the freshly shrunken goth girl, thinking off all the fun she could have with her. Allison just shivered in dread as she wondered about the exact same thing...

Story by Prieminister
Artwork by Altercomics-Pepe Luis

High resolution (2236x3200)

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