Babysitter Conundrum

Alicia stood amongst the toys embarrassed as she looked toward the giant baby room around her. Just moments ago she had put the girls down for nap time and came to tidy up. As she was she began to sneeze and with each sneeze she lost inches.

As the inches melted off her she realized that she had caught the shrinking virus. She cursed under her breath as she shrank with each sneeze as her friend had caught it and stated that she was no longer contagious. She knew that she was at risk and now she wasn't sure if she'd be able to get treatment. Like her friend they found out that the longer they take to start the more height that is permanently lost. She began to undress some dolls as she needed clothes before she made the treak across the house to her purse. She struggled with the growing toy and the sneezing but finally got a pink dress off and the accompanied diaper.

She sneezed and sneezed until she was a mere six inches tall, she began to get dressed and reluctantly taped on the crinkly garment. She looked to the door embarrassed that her husband would have to carry her and get her treatment, that is if she could make it to her purse without her charges waking up and finding a new doll.

Story by travisxkogra
Artwork by Seduction Studio-Celestin

High resolution (2500x3458)

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