At Least the Shrinking Stops

Dr. Carter and her assistant Kaitlyn were working on an experimental pesticide that would reduce the effects of pests on crops by literally reducing them. Unfortunately, a canister of the chemical burst open in the lab one day. Even though Dr. Carter immediately activated the emergency vents, they both had been doused.

Kaitlyn had been closer to the canister, so the effects of her exposure were noticed first. She started shrinking out of her clothes, quicker than her supervisor. Dr. Carter, noticing the poor girl's panic, gently picked Kaitlyn up and brought her over to the lab counter. They had only tested small doses on insects, so they had no idea how small they'd shrink--or even if the process would end.

Dr. Carter quickly grabbed a ruler while she could to measure Kaitlyn, whose height seemed to stabilize at just under five inches tall. "At least it stops," said Dr. Carter, as the top of her head dwindled below the level of the lab counter.

Story by Scidram
Artwork by Vincenzo Sansone, Slasher

High resolution (2751x4175)

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