Ant-Man: Bad End

“Poor, poor, Hope. I bet you don’t have much of that left, do you? I’m not sure how you could after all you’ve been through. Your poor father couldn’t think his way out of that bullet, and that idiot Lang is probably still shrinking. This little failed coup d'etat certainly had its consequences, didn’t it?”

“You and your father always made me feel so… insignificant. Now I’ll never have that problem again!”

“Wait, What’s that sweetie? I can’t really hear you anymore. Your voice is too high… not that I’m complaining.”

“Sorry if this is all a little disorientating. I tend to ramble when I win. Not to mention that one minute you’re big, bad Hope, and the next you wake up here! You want to know what the worst part about all of this is though? You didn’t have a suit or regulator on, so I’m pretty sure you’re stuck like this. But don’t fret! You’re going to be leading us into a new age of science! Now where did I leave those tweezers…”

Story by Toofewinches
Artwork by SednaStudio-Jin

High resolution (2481x3507)

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