Always the Little Woman

Pam hammered upon the door of Delila's apartment, demanding to see her husband. Smiling happily, Delila led Pam to the bedroom. To Pam's utter shock, she found Frank upon the bed... naked and only a foot tall.

Delila told Pam to pick him up and indulge herself. However, holding her small and frightened husband in her hands, Pam found she didn't know what to do and pleaded with Delila to make him big again. Delila smiled and whispered into her ear:

"Aww... I thought you'd enjoy having power over your cheating man... but alas... you're not that strong, are you?"

As Delila spoke into her ear, Pam felt herself slipping down into her clothes.

"I guess she is yours again."

Delila's sultry voice cooed to Frank as she placed the shrinking Pam upon the bed before him. Frank began to happily fuck his still shrinking wife from behind as Delila leaned down to pear into Pam's terrified tiny eyes and gave one of her (now tiny) breasts a playful bite. Delila enjoyed the horrified squeak that Pam cried out.

As Pam continued to shrink, Delia spoke in a cool and soft tone as the tiny woman began to slide her body up and down her husband's cock... which was now nearly as big as she was.

"Poor, puny, little Pam... you could have played with him as I do, but I guess you'll always be the little woman."

Story by lbh
Artwork by Altercomics-Eduardo Bazan

High resolution (6034x8197)

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