Alone in the Crowd

Almost as weird as Val’s transformation was the lack of reaction from anyone around her. They’d seen the strange flash of light enter the room and strike her. They’d seen her limbs and torso contract, her clothes shift and adjust to her suddenly small and bustier form. She felt something happening with her head and face, but was afraid to look in a mirror.

But once the changes stopped and the light was gone, everyone just turned away like it was normal! She was getting leering glances, but not much more than usual. Her date seemed to have actually lost interest!

“Oh my god what is wrong with you! Can’t you see someone shrunk me!”

“Val stop, they can’t help it!”

Val turned to see who was calling her in that weird high-pitched voice. Her own voice had also come out strange, so when she saw the puny disheveled figure wearing suspenders, she knew it was Nina. The big eyes and huge bangers on her chest were not familiar, however. The former were actually cute, but the latter had caught her off guard.

Nina placed her hand on Val’s shoulder. She was rather out of breath, and to Val’s amusement, clearly hadn’t expected the consequences of running with her new assets. It was polite to look away from such a thing, but that reminded Val of all the towering partygoers around her. Was demanding their attention really the smart thing to do?

“Nina! Why is this happening?” Val’s voice trembled, its pitch mocking the once confident woman.

“It’s part of the curse,“ said Nina quietly, holding the leather spell book that Val had shown no interest in before.

The two girls had never been particularly close before. But now they hugged tightly.

Nina continued whispering, “No one who isn’t shrunk will be able to understand that anything is wrong.” But then a dark thought occurred to her: ...unless they liked us this way? She kept this silent.

Instinctively, the two girls headed to the door to go... somewhere? What would they do next? Val hoped that nerd-girl would have the answer, and admonished herself for the times she’d looked down on Nina’s social cluelessness. She needed this person.

Val asked carefully, “So...we are all alone down here?”

Story by Prof Sai
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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