Alicia Comes to Smash

Alicia was an avid gamer before her bout of shrinking. Being smaller made it a whole lot harder for her to play, so she didn't really play too often anymore.

This was one of those rare occasions, however, as Tony had gotten her a switch to try and play with. She was overjoyed and had him set it up right away.

Tony sat on the couch, watching and taking snapshots of his poor little lady as she struggled with the controller, her rump showing off her naked bottom as she played with the short pink dress that she'd borrowed from Barbie.

It was moments like these that Tony thanked his lucky stars for having married a impossibly optimistic and beautiful woman like his wife Alicia.

Story by travisxkogra
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai

High resolution (3300x5100)

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