Agents of S.H.R.I.N.K

After exposing herself to unstable Pym particles, Jemma Simmons begins to shrink out of her clothes. Confused and scared as to her current predicament, she eventually stopped shrinking at around 6 inches tall before a sense of arousal overcame her.

Agent Daisy Johnson heard the commotion in the lab and saw a pile of clothes and a small doll-like person touching herself on top of a pair of pink panties. While investigating further, Daisy placed her hand on the spilled particles.

Before she knows it, she is shrinking out of her suit and her world begins expanding around her. A feeling of arousal overcame Daisy as she began to touch her nipples with her eyes wide open to her new world. She realized the doll-like creature, whose mouse-like squeaks were now becoming apparent as sexual moans, was actually as a tiny Agent Simmons.

Before she could say anything to Jemma, a loud boom echoed over head and the two agents turned to see a giant Agent May.

"You girls having fun?", May said as she looked down upon the shrunken agents with an evil glint in her eye as she held a vial of red Pym particles in her hand.

Story by Shinkles
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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