A "Little" Clowning Around at the Park

Daryan Netter was having a hell of a time at the Wonder World amusement park. It was a place she had grown up loving. Now, as an adult, she could have even more fun... especially since they had great deals on drinks. She had enjoyed quite a few drinks one particular afternoon and was wandering around, exploring areas of the park she didn’t quite remember from back when she was a kid.

That’s when she saw him. A clown standing next to a cart full of odd little knick-knacks. He was the oddest clown she had ever seen. He looked like an over-inflated beach ball with a head, arms, and legs sticking out at the bottom. He wore a colorful shirt and overalls with rainbow suspenders. His feet seemed to be encased in MASSIVE red shoes. He waved.

“Hello there, friend. Name’s Waldo T. Clown. Welcome. Come to see my wares?” he said with a deep, friendly sounding voice.

“What do you sell?” Daryan asked curiously as she approached.

“Magic! I sell magic. I can make you into an entirely new woman if you so wish.”

“Yeah, right.”

“No, it’s true. Heck, I can even do a demonstration for you if you would like!”

She looked from the clown to his wares and shrugged. “Sure, a demonstration would be great!"

Waldo took out a small, velvet pouch and procured a sparkly green dust from it. He then began to sprinkle it over her head, which caused her entire body to start tingling. Suddenly, Daryan found her clothing getting larger as she began to shrink, which was shocking... but it also felt very very good.

She had asked him to prove that his magic was real, and he sure did just that. With a tin can full of sparkling dust, he had changed her physical form quite dramatically. After she shrank out of her clothes, Waldo picked Daryan up just as other changes took place. Her feet grew much larger and wider, looking like little versions of his. Her hands had inflated and she was watching as one hand’s fingers were merging together, leaving her with three stubby digits and a thumb. Her smallish breasts were now huge and hung heavily on her chest, at least a DDD cup (if she had to guess). Her hips had widened to child-bearing proportions and her butt filled out to match. On her face, her nose was turning red, and her hair had almost completely vanished, leaving only two pony tails of vibrant orange on each side of her head.

“I told ya!”

“You did. That was a blast!” Daryan said, a giggle forming in her throat.

“I can keep you this way if you want! Interested?”

She didn’t immediately respond, but she had a grin on her face that told the clown everything he needed to know.

“Another one for the collection,” he said with a beaming smile. He opened up the front pocket of his suspenders and slid the small girl in. All that could be heard was a muffled “Wheeeee...”

Story by Hugo Prosperio
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (3300x5100)

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