A Weekend Alone: Getting A-head

Lala had been feeling something for a little while now. Being a Dullahan, she could sense the 'Smell of Death'. However, she could not find the source despite searching every nook and cranny in the house. Finally, her search had to lead her to the room of the kitchen of the Kurusu household.

Sarah and Neil were unsure how they escaped Suu's body, nor did they know if it was by accident or done by the slime herself. But nevertheless, they found themselves in a small china cup. Before they attempted to escape, the pair tried to remove the slime from their body so it would be easier to escape the cup.

They did not sense the lurking dangers as Lala appears overhead. Having gotten bored of all the searching, Lala figured it was just a trick of her mind or just another one of Kimihito's stunts again. Wanted to wind down, Lala decided to get something to drink. So kind of a slightly warm tea-filled kettle, Lala began to pour.

Having been caught off guard, Neil and Sarah could not prepare or even brace themselves as an ocean of tea poured down onto them. After all the chaos, the pair finally broke the surface, only to find Lala already taking her first sip—a first sip with two extra ingredients.

Despite the pair's efforts, they could do nothing as they were washed into Lala's mouth and sucked down her throat, or they thought. On the outside, Lala was too busy drinking and misjudged how close she was to the countertop.

Just as Neil and Sarah were swallowed, Lala knocked into the side of the countertop. The sudden surprise caught the Dullahan off guard, causing her to jerk backwards, knocking off her head.

Yet again, not sure how they had survived, Neil and Sarah ran away from the winded Dullahan as she tried to recover from the sudden fall.

Story by F-Paladin
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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