A Weekend Alone: Attack on Slime

After a short time of being acquainted with Papi's rear, the shrunken pair could finally break free. Some wished they had stayed longer as they could have landed somewhere a bit softer. Landing with a thud, Sarah was surprised that they were not injured at all. As Neil went to help Sarah up, the vibrations of the harpy's footsteps soon faded as she entered a new room.

Once they stood up, Neil and Sarah pondered their next move. They were in a lost, unfamiliar house with inhabitants that, despite looking somewhat human, were not. Had Isaac’s machine done something wrong, or did he lie again? But before they could think of a plan, they suddenly felt the ground shake. However, it was not the shaking of footsteps, more like that of something being dragged or rolled over the floor. Looking around, they were met with the sight of a wall of dust and debris heading right towards them.

It was a nice summer day, and Suu had nothing better to do, so she decided to just potter around the house. She was primarily alone, exempt Papi, that was. Wondering what her friend and housemate was up to, Suu decided to pay her a visit. But, unfortunately, while everything seemed normal for her, the same could not be said for the shrunken couple. As the wall of blue rapidly approached, Neil and Sarah tried to outrun it, but all the vibrations and dust were not helping.

After a while, Suu could not find the blue harpy; not sure what else to do, the slime decided to make her way to her kitchen to find something to eat. Once inside, she took on her human form to reach higher places. As she did, her body stretched and contorted to take on the new form, and in doing so, stuff caught inside her was also shifted around.

Deep inside her, a small bubble, barely noticeable through her near translucent body, was resting right where her stomach would be if she was more human-like. Inside this bubble were two morsels that she was unaware she had trapped. Although the bubble provided a small amount of wiggle room and air, as Suu went about her business, Neil and Sarah had many different problems.

Within the bubble, Neil was faintly trying to calm Sarah down, partially to conserve air and partially to try and reassure her. After all, this was her first time being shrunk, and being in the "stomach" of the slime girl brought back memories of the people trapped inside of her.

As the seconds passed, Neil tried more and more to reassure her that they would not be digested by Suu. I mean, bubbles don't get digested, right...?

Story by F-Paladin
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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