A Weekend Alone: Ariel's Sticky Situation

In an alternate universe, Neil and Sarah met up at Ariel's apartment before going to a concert. However, Ariel got a phone call from her older sister Valerie before they left and steps away so that she doesn't bother her guests.

Sarah and Neil decided to help themselves in the kitchen... but then a huge flash of light blinded them. The next thing they knew, they were down on the hardwood floor and the size of ants. Sarah and Neil looked around and saw furniture that looked miles tall.

They couldn't believe their eyes.

Before they could get themselves together, the ground shook as a humongous monster quickly approached. It was Ariel, still talking on the phone, chewing gum, and completely unaware of what just happened.

They yelled and jumped to get her attention, but then a huge boulder came crashing down from above. While Ariel was talking, her latest piece of gum fell out of her mouth and crashed down right on top of them. It hit Neil directly, adhering him to the sticky substance, but just barely missed Sarah. Without hesitating, Sarah grabbed Neil's arm and pulled desperately to free him of the gum.

It was no use.

Within moments, Ariel's huge boot loomed over them and came crashing down, flattening the piece of gum with Neil in it. Sarah covered her head and closed her eyes... and the boot went up again. Sarah survived! You see, she was so small that she fit between the treads of Ariel's boots.

Neil wasn't so lucky.

Sarah heard the screaming as she looked up and saw Neil above her. He was still stuck in the piece of gum that was now stuck to the bottom of Ariel's boot. Sarah screamed even louder than before as she watched her boyfriend get carried further and further away.

Ariel made her way back to the couch, wondering where her two friends went. If only she knew...

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Picojin

High resolution (3300x4200)

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