A Tense Stand-Off

After only narrowly avoiding being drowned or stranded in the Phantom Thief’s drink a week ago, the inch-tall shrunken Security Guard managed to find her way back into the blonde woman’s purse and returned to the thief’s home. Now a week of time and several more close calls later, the security guard's hope was beginning to wane. She had as of yet still managed to avoid detection by the other woman, but for how much longer could she last?

Today, however, she thought she might have just gotten a lucky break, as she spotted the woman placing something fairly large on top of a nearby shelf. Normally this would have been nothing of note, save that the security guard recognized it as looking a lot like the shrink ray that had reduced her to this size. This might very well be her chance! Wasting little time once the woman was out of the room, the shrunken guard climbed up whatever was available until she reached the level of the shelf and beheld her target. Or rather, she saw what LOOKED like her target, but in fact was upon closer inspection just a similar looking fake gun. There were several details clearly off about it, and the woman fell to her knees in despair over her failure.

Suddenly she heard the tell-tale thumps of approaching footsteps, and realized that the thief was on her way back into the room. Panicking, the security guard glanced down off of the shelf but realized that there was no time to climb down safely, and she was too high to jump. Worse, nothing up here was large enough for her to hide behind, so she was stuck out in the open amid...these...

Desperately the security guard looked around, coming up with a plan on short notice that had no guarantees of working but right now might be her only hope. Moving quickly to the middle of the shelf in a somewhat open spot, the security guard turned away from the door and stood at attention, freezing in place as she heard the thief enter the room. The thief patted herself on the back mentally for her latest purchase, a good backup plan just in case she had someone over snooping. The police were still baffled by her crimes and how she pulled them off, but it always paid to be careful. Now she had a fake shrink ray that if required she could show off as just a show piece, waylaying any suspicions. The thief walked right up close to the low shelf she had placed it on, amidst several other various knickknacks that she had collected over the years. It was practically hidden in plain sight, another layer of deception, as it fit right in. Idly the blonde began to look over the other items on her shelf, from some crystal animals to stuffed toys, a little desk clock and even some figurines. Oddly enough, one of the latter was a little strangely placed, turned away from looking out over the room and instead facing into the shelf itself. Sure it was dressed as a security guard of some sort and so could be said to be “guarding” some of her little treasures, but wouldn’t it be better to have it facing out? Also, something about that uniform the guard was wearing was tickling something in the back of her brain, a faint memory of something. Humming to herself, the thief began to reach up and forwards, about to pick up the figure.


The thief was interrupted in the action by her phone starting to ring, and she paused to look over her shoulder. Sighing she realized that she had left it in another room, and so had to go answer it. Turning away, the thief left the shelf behind to deal with the phone call, the contents of the shelf and the oddly placed “figure” dropping out of her mind entirely. By the time she came back into the room again, she didn’t even notice that the security guard “doll” was gone.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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