A Shadow of a Dream

For Zora it was just her usual feeding routine. For her prey, however, it would be a unforgettable nightmare... and it had all started out so nice and wondrous.

At first, Annabell's dream had her flying though the clouds like Power Girl. Then it all went so dark and bleak. The clouds went from white, puffy, and soft like cotton to pitch black and stormy. The wind grew strong and threw her around like a leaf. Then she landed on a large and flat surface with 5 pillars lined up off in the distance.

High above her, a spectral face appeared with a mass of snowy white tentacles resembling hair waving about without a care for the wind or gravity. It had skin as dark as ash with a faint glowing aura and a pair of glowing eyes that, at first, appeared to be a calming blue. The scenario was anything but calming for Annabell. The face rose high up into the air, revealing a shapely upper body that resembled a woman's, but was definitely not human or of this world.

It was then that Annabell realized that she was on the palm of whatever the shadowy woman was. She was just a tiny spec in the pam of this thing's hand.

At first, the phantasm just glared at the tiny human in its hand, as if it were wondering what it would do with the little creature. Her ominous glare then changed into an even more unsettlingly smile. Shiny purple lips appeared, revealing a set of blood red needle-like teeth. Its hair, while moving freely before, became stark as it formed a large and spiky mass that looked as if it was going to impale Annabell at any moment. Lastly, the eyes changed from a calming blue to a fiery dark green.

Annabella felt something. She was sinking into her shadowy captor's hand! Her descent had started slowly, but it was ever quickening. To make matters worse, tentacles sprouted from the creature's palm to pull her down even faster. She was about to scream in terror when a tentacle wrapped around her mouth, preventing her from doing so. Annabell was sinking into this woman's hand and was completely unable to break free... and all while the shadowy spectre watched, enjoying every second of the tiny woman's struggle.

Thankfully for Annabell, it would only be a nightmare that would haunt her well after she'd woken up. For Zora, it was an average night of feeding upon the fear generated by human nightmares.

Story by TitanKilla
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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