A Refreshing Drink

It had been four weeks now since the Security Guard had been inadvertently stolen along with the money she had been tasked with guarding, and the tiny woman was very close to losing hope. Up until now the inch-tall woman had continued to evade detection by the criminal who had reduced her in size and brought her into her home on accident, but that did not mean that she had avoided "capture."

Despite never knowing it on multiple occasions the blonde woman had entrapped the guard in various locations, from her clothing drawers, to her cleavage, inside of various shoes and on two unfortunate occasions inside of her ass.

However, this time might very well take the new "top" spot for worst position to be in! The Phantom Thief sighed in pure bliss as she lay back in her beach chair, enjoying the heat in the air and the distant sounds of people having fun and the crash of the waves. She was of the opinion that there was no point in going out to steal money if she was not going to use it, and this little day trip to the beach was a perfect example of that.

She had honestly decided to go on a whim, and simply tossed a few things into her purse with intent to just buy everything once she arrived. Now she had this section of the beach almost all to herself, save the staff who periodically came around to refresh her drinks for her and some other people who paid for the privilege of the private beach.

Focusing on watching the waves from under her umbrella the blonde woman idly gave her drink a stir, the straw making the ice clink around and the drink swirl inside the glass. Idly she lifted the glass and straw up to her lips and took a slow sip, looking down the sand and spotting one hunk of a tanned man in a speedo. She smiled at the sight, thinking of how the man was almost as tasty as this drink.

It was partially the guard's own fault for her current predicament, although only in that she had been in a position to start it off. The guard had heard the thief talking about going somewhere, and thinking that she might be about to go on another heist with her shrink-ray, the tiny woman had hidden herself inside of the Thief's purse.

However, while several items had been dropped inside nearly burying her, none of them were the shrink ray she sought and so she had placed herself in danger for nothing. After several long hours of being bounced and tossed around inside of the purse and needing to carefully avoid the blonde's hand whenever she reached for her wallet, the Guard had felt the space inside the dark purse heating up and so at last she had dared to peek outside.

This turned out to be a mistake as the moment she had, the phantom thief had whipped the purse around, tossing the tiny woman outside and leaving her on what turned out to be a beachside cabana. Knowing that the thief was her only hope of reaching the shrink ray, she had tried to follow, only to fail to watch where she was going and fall down off the counter and into a container of ice just before it was closed, trapping her inside.

A few minutes later the lid was opened up, and before she could react the tiny woman was scooped up with some of the ice cubes and dropped into a cold drink with them, where she was forced down deep below the surface. As she rose for air the guard discovered as she coughed that she was in some sort of alcoholic drink, based on its unusual color and the burning taste in her mouth from when she had swallowed some.

Coughing quietly as she treaded liquid around the frozen ice chunks that were as large as she was, the woman looked around to try and see where she was being taken, only to see a familiar and hated blonde face suddenly come up.

Before she could do anything the blonde woman took the drink and sipped it, creating a faint suction from below that caught the tiny woman off guard. Then as she tried to find a way out, the thief used the straw to stir up the drink, the instant whirlpool dragging her down and into the depths of the glass.

The guard then knew what her next few minutes would be like, fighting to reach the surface and avoiding drowning, all while being battered by the straw and ice. Assuming she could last long enough, she might be able to use the straw to climb out, but as said, that was only assuming she did last, and visible through the murky liquid outside the glass, the thief was coming in for another sip.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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