A Pleasant Test

Angel was overjoyed with herself. Her latest creation, the teleminimizer, had just completed another successful test and teleported some hapless person into someone's cereal bowl while simultaneously reducing them to just a millimeter in height in the process.

Angel was just about ready to unleash her device on the global scale and make the world bow down to her, but it still needed one more test to do so. A test to ensure that the teleminimizer can target, teleport, and shrink MULTIPLE targets at the same time. If successful, she would soon unleash the device on the world. She began typing in the coordinates for her various targets and the location she wanted them to teleport to.

Her targets were scores of random women and she was planning on teleporting them to herself. Angel wanted to reward herself in the case of another successful test.

Finalizing the coordinates, she pressed the big red button. The teleminizier started to whirl and power up in its distinctive light blue glow. As the light grew brighter, Angel saw patches of blue light sprout across her entire body (with most of the patches clustered around her bosoms, vagina, booty and mouth). She smiled. Scores of women, shrunken to under a millimeter or less, would soon be pleasuring Angel to no end before either meeting their fate or just getting lost wandering across her massive body.

Around the world, news reports flooded in of women vanishing in thin air after being surrounded by bursts of bright blue light. Angel, however, was much to distracted to pay any attention to said reports. She had scores of micro ladies across her body to play with! How many she had shrunken had slipped her mind and their identities were of little consequence to her. Now, only her pleasure mattered.

Between getting swallowed by her mouth or crushed between Angel's seemingly planet-sized breasts, there was no end to the horrors the shrunken women faced. The biggest group was scattered across Angel's vagina, her masturbating fingers causing an unthinkable number of micro women to get lost inside, tangled in pubic hairs or stuck to her vagina lips.

Angel was in pure bliss and enjoyed every bit of suffering she caused, excited by the thought of more to come. After this test, she planned to offer the world a bargain: she would only shrink the planet's entire population small enough for the rest of the world to fit nicely onto a didlo. If they rejected her generous offer, they would instead become bite-sized morsels for microbes or life forms even smaller than that. Who would be able to stop her? Any army the world could throw at her becomes far less threatening when its home nation can fit on a pinhead with room to spare.

The world would become her toy for as long as it lasted (which she bet wouldn't be long at all)!

Story by TitanKilla
Artwork by Vincenzo Sansone, Slasher

High resolution (3300x5008)

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