A Nylon Net

After she was accidentally shrunken and stolen with a large amount of cash she had been guarding, the security guard had just spent the last few days desperately hiding from the Phantom Thief. It had taken everything she had to escape from the woman's cleavage (where she had been stored with the rest of the money without the busty crook ever noticing the tiny woman's presence), but she was still stuck at an inch of height in the woman's home and unable to find where the Thief had stored her shrink ray.

Right now, however, she had a different problem.

The Phantom Thief finished putting on her office uniform with a sigh. The job wasn't very exciting, but it was useful for explaining where at least some of her money was coming from to casual observers. Giving her nylons one last tug, she picked up her new heels from their box and set them down at her feet before grabbing the first to put on. A resent purchase after her last heist, she slipped it on and frowned slightly, feeling a slight bump under her foot. She shrugged. It was probably just the fact that the shoes were new and she hadn't broken them in yet. They would probably be fine by the end of the day, especially since she had put in a special insole that molded around her foot and anything under it, cushioning it.

Putting on the second shoe and standing up, the disguised criminal mastermind began to walk out of her bedroom and towards her front door where her purse was waiting.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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