A Not So Clean Getaway

The security guard had been forced to endure much hardship over the two weeks since she had been shrunken by accident, and was no closer to being able to restore herself. The thief had managed to hide her shrink ray well. The one time she had suited up and gone out on another heist, the guard had been too busy trying to escape being accidentally shut in her underwear drawer to find out where she had hidden it.

That problem had, sadly for the security guard, not been an isolated incident, instead being just one among a number of similar misfortunes to befall her after the initial night she had been unwittingly shrunken (along with a large amount of cash she had been guarding) and accidentally stuffed into the cleavage of the blonde thief. Several times the guard had found herself back in the giant woman's cleavage, or trapped under her foot in her heels for a day of work, locked in a drawer, or just plain sat on. The one saving grace for the inch tall woman was that the thief was still utterly ignorant of her presence, but it was unknown how long this state of affairs would last... especially under the present circumstances.

The guard had just been in the bathroom getting a drink of fresh water when the other woman entered and closed the door behind her. In her panic, the guard had hid under the closest thing she could find to avoid detection. While this had served to keep her hidden, it also soon became far from safe. The thief had lit some candles and filled the bathtub with steaming hot water while removing all of her clothing, and then settled into the hot bath with a satisfied sigh. Then, after a minute of soaking, she had glanced in the shrunken guard's direction and reached for her, making the tiny guard freeze up in fear.

Thankfully, the thief still had not seen her. Unfortunately, she was instead reaching for what the security guard was hiding under and picking it up. In her panic, the tiny woman neglected to release her death-grip on the item. When it was swiftly dunked into the water, taken out again, and turned over she realized that what she had been hiding under, and was now clinging onto, was a simple sponge.

Before the unseen woman could react, the thief grabbed something else in her other hand, and the guard looked up just in time to be hit in the face by a stream of thick white liquid pouring from above. It only took one smell and the disgusted taste in her mouth for her to realize that this was lightly-scented liquid soap. This conclusion was followed by a series of terrifying realizations.

As she was turned with the sponge to face the oblivious thief's body, coated in the slippery material, the security guard briefly considered trying to jump off. She discarded that idea, however, as that was a one-way trip into the water, where the best case scenario was being felt and discovered... and other scenarios included being pinned underwater and drowning, or being washed down the drain when the bath was over. Thus it was with a slightly heavy heart that the guard braced herself and gripped the sponge harder, knowing that she was about to once again get VERY intimate with the gigantic thief's body.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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