A New Lady for Sale

Marlenne is a simple potion maker by trade, but everyone has a dark side to them and she is no different in that regard. While she is a genuinely great potion maker, the odd accident aside, she sells more than just potions if you know how to play your cards right. This would be a fact that Camilla of the Nohrian Royal family would learn in the hardest way possible.

Camilla came to Marlenne’s potion shop wanting to find a potion that would make her lovely bubble baths even better. She had heard that Marlenne might have such a potion in stock. It was much to her surprise that Marlenne mentioned she had several such potions in stock and asked if she wanted to try some samples. She should have been concerned when she noticed that no bath was around to try out the potions as advertised.

Instead, after leading her to a secluding part of the store, Marlenne sprayed Camilla with a potion of a more sinister nature. Almost immediately, Camilla started to shrink out of her armor. Within a minute, her former clothing was a pile upon the floor with her fumbling to escape it. Marlenne, wanting to put her in a jar as soon possible, rooted though the clothing pile to deny the shrunken royal any potential window of escape as much as possible.

Eventually, Marlenne found her tiny prey hiding within her armored panties. How ironic: she'd tried to hide beneath the undergarment she'd once exposed so proudly. Grabbing the metal underwear from the floor and an empty jar from the shelf, Marlenne held the panties over the lid and shook Camilia out from them. Camilia fell out and landed at the bottom of the jar. She only had a few seconds to nurse her sore butt before the massive face of Marlenne appeared in front of her.

“My my, you did shrink rather small, didn’t you? You must be no more than 2 or 3 inches tall at best! That batch worked a little too well. Most of my buyers prefer their ladies within the 6 inch range, but I’m confident you'll find a buyer nonetheless! It may just take a little bit longer to find the right one.”

Holding the jar up close for a good inspection, Marlenne examined the shapely woman's impressive assets and thought of a special client that would show interest in her.

Camilia, not liking the prospect of being sold to someone, rose up and started banging fruitless against the wall of the jar in an attempt to break free. An attempt which only managed to make Marlenne laugh at how pathetic her struggle was.

“Hahahahaha! Foolish lady! These jars are designed to withstand far more pressure than your current size can produce!”

Marlenne pus the jar on a shelf alongside all of the other shrunken women as Camilia continued her attempts to break free from her glass prison. The potion maker could only smirk as she walked out from the jar room and prepared to contact a certain client about a recent acquisition that would intrigue him.

Story by Sir-Raptor
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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