A New Guest

Ashley gave Christopher the same story Chloe had given him almost three years ago. She had wished upon a shooting star to escape her busy, stressful adult life, and she woke up the next day stark naked inside Chris's house, shrunk to around three inches tall.

"So... you had nothing to do with it?" Ashley asked the humongous man.

"Fraid not. For some reason, it seems if a woman wishes to escape her life on a shooting star, relatively close to here, she magically gets reduced and transported here. No idea why."

"So... what will I do now?" replied the freshly shrunken gal.

Chloe turned to her and smiled. "Chris and I found each other with this... situation. I am confident we are going to be good friends, all three of us. You'll never have to worry about anything ever again. Heck, even if three more tiny people joined us two, it would barely make a dent in Chris's finances."

Ashley sighed. It would take a while for her to get used to this new life. "Will I at least get something to wear eventually, please?"

Story by TinyChloe
Artwork by Arieta-Mei

High resolution (3300x5100)

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