A Narrow Escape

The Security Guard sighed as she scoured the area around the front door to the Thief’s house. It had been nearly two months since she had inadvertently been shrunken to an inch tall, and stolen by the Phantom Thief, and she was starting to wear down. As of yet, the blonde woman was still ignorant of her existence, but that was a small comfort after everything the guard had been through.

Ever since narrowly escaping, the Guard had been forced to endure torment after setback after failure. Despite all of this time, she still could not find where the Thief kept her shrink ray, and instead she had been stepped on, sat on, trapped in countless ways, nearly discovered, and even nearly eaten. Now the Guard was starting to lose hope, wondering if she should just give up.

As soon as the Security Guard had spotted the blonde pulling on her black suit and retrieving her shrink ray, she knew that the Thief was going out on another heist. As per normal, the Guard took this time to forage for food. As the Thief had been heading out, she had grabbed a pastry from her kitchen and ate it as she went out the door, so the Guard was hoping to find some crumbs. So far, she had not had much luck, but perhaps there was something hidden in the mat just in front of the door. Thinking that she was safe since the Thief had only been gone for an hour, the Guard ventured out.

The Phantom Thief huffed as she returned home, her dark suit blending into the darkness. Her plan had been perfect, the security system mapped out perfectly. She would be able to get in and grab the jewelry on display and get out without anyone noticing. Unfortunately a different band of criminals had tried the same thing, and they were much less prepared. Thus, when the Thief arrived at the building it was on high alert, so her plan was completely shot.

The Thief arrived at her house and opened the door, walking in with her black leather high heeled boots. She mused to herself that this heist was her first failure, and it felt bad. Even her next worst time, two months ago when a Security Guard was missing had been successful. Scoffing in annoyance, she stomped her foot once, and then distractedly dropped her bag off to the side. She wanted to drink away her disappointment, and thankfully she had recently purchased a rather nice wine.

Down below, the Security Guard fought to still her pounding heart. She had been right in the middle of the mat when the Thief had returned, and so had been directly in the other woman’s path. It was only by the narrowest of margins that the redheaded woman avoided ending up splattered under the dark sole of the boot, leaping out of the way at the very last moment. Then the Guard could only huddle down in terror, as the ground shook from the effective giantess’s stomps.

Once the Phantom Thief was further away, the Security Guard finally got back up and reveled in the fact that she was alive. Then as she was processing that, she looked in front of her to see the bag the Thief dropped. The Guard froze in near disbelief, as she saw that the bag had fallen over, revealing that the Shrink Ray was located inside of it. Feeling tears in her eyes and with hope swelling in her heart, the Security Guard began to run towards it.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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