A Moment of Pure Domination

Gabby had met her Master at a munch. In a matter of hours, he had shrunk her to the size of a Barbie and taken her away to his magical house. She had spent several weeks as his personal doll. He carried her in his pocket or on his shoulder. He introduced her to his Dominant friends and some of their submissives. Gabby had been handled, fondled, made to strip in a group--it had all been wonderful for her.

But the shine had gone off this lily. She was happy to be tiny and owned, but she didn't feel dominated anymore. And that is when she made that slight mistake that many a good submissive has made and complained to her Master. "Not feeling dominated?" he said.

He turned and took steps from the bed. Suddenly, he launched himself into the air and landed on her, balls first, pinning her to the bed, barely able to breathe and covered in his musk. Gabby had to admit--she felt dominated.

Story by Dr Wonko
Artwork by Horacio Domingues, Slasher

High resolution (5984x4612)

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