A Little Fantastic Adventure: The Competitive Nature of a Tiny War

After several days of searching for the dragon spheres, whenever they reached the place indicated by the radar Trunks gave them, it turned out that the dragon balls were no longer there. Caulifla was frustrated because she did not want to stay tiny forever since she would not have anyone else to train properly, and she was also aware that her fights would not be as much fun.

"Please, could you even tell me that this thing really works? It seems that we are very far from finding them. You must be enjoying that our date is taking so long," claimed Caulifla while she was stuffed inside Goten's pocket.

"It has never happened before, but maybe the dragon's radar is failing, maybe we should go back," answered Goten to the tiny woman he had as a date. For a moment, he observed that the seven spheres were gathered in an area outside the Western Capital.

When they arrived, they found Shen Long invoking and granting the penultimate wish. When approaching, Goten saw three familiar figures, which were Mai, Videl, and Android 18. He did not know what they did with the dragon balls, but seeing those three together gave him the feeling that it was a female thing.

"Hey, you bitches!!! I also have a wish to make!" shouted Caulifla, jumping out of Goten's pocket and flying as fast as she could with her tiny size to get in front of the three women.

"Who are you calling a bitch? That's no way to ask for a favor," asked Videl, offended as she looked and laughed when she recognized Caulifla.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's you! I remember you being a shorter woman than me but this is ridiculous. I guess this time you don't have your sister to take care of you," said 18, smiling and making fun of Caulifla's current condition, which the warrior of universe 6 did not find amusing.

Mai simply observed the spontaneous reaction of her friend while Videl, knowing who it was because of the events related by 18 in the tournament of power several months ago, joined the mockery.

Upon hearing her, Goten approached 18 and Mai and asked them kindly to forgive her since it was not easy for the tiny Saiyan to stay like this. In an attempt to calm her down, he had asked her to disguise this as a "date" between them, to which 18 reacted with more mocking comments.

"Boy, she shouldn't even be able to handle the situation with you," she added smiling.

"Enough!!! I wish you three harpies were just as small as me. You don't know what it's like to go inside a person's pockets or be most of the time semi-naked because there are no clothes of your own size, if you still find that funny!!" The tiny woman from universe 6 screamed while Shen Long granted her wish and then disappeared along with the dragon balls.

Caulifla was stunned. She had wasted her chance to return to normal, but suddenly, she heard Mai scream embarrassed, but she was not the only one. Videl and 18 saw their clothes get bigger and bigger until the three women looked almost the same size as Caulifla, who was now smiling satisfied with the result of her desire because now she was no longer the only tiny woman, but she had her three new companions with whom she will be able to live and spend time.

Story by MikeKamiya
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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