A Little Fantastic Adventure: Let's Go Find the Dragon Balls

After the tournament of power, Caulifla had undergone harsh training with the intention of emerging victorious in her revenge match against Son Goku. She had already achieved what was necessary to carry out her goal. She had asked Vados for "the cube" of universal transport and had even met Son Goku's son. Seeing him at first, she almost mistook him for the warrior she was looking for but the difference in height and also Goten's recent haircut were the only things that were different.

"Hey brat! Tell me where your father is, and you are free to give me the tour of this place," Caulifla said, imposing her pride as one of the most powerful warriors of her race in universe 6.

"Sorry Miss, I thought maybe he was here training, Bulma always creates gadgets for my dad and Vegeta's training." The young man answered as he went forward, thinking that perhaps he was with the god of destruction.

Hearing this, Caulifla looked around her with some amazement and without him noticing, she went in search of a machine that would help her become stronger. It was not difficult for her because she knew how to hide her Ki. Caulifla looked for each door until in one she found a wristwatch. "Will this be like the artificial gravity chamber but compact?"

She was looking it full of curiosity, and inadvertently one of her fingers had pressed one of the buttons on the screen panel. Immediately she began to feel how her clothes were sliding down her body. Her pink top revealed her breasts and was directed towards her waist, her violet pants slid down her shapely, firm legs. As she felt her feet feel more space inside her shoes, she saw her elongated wristbands on her arms.

What was happening had her nervous and confused but her surprise was greater when she heard the door , and Goten's voice inside the room. That had scared her for having been so spontaneous, and Caulifla had accidentally thrown the watch from her hands causing it to come out of one of the laboratory windows.

"Oh hell! You see what you made me do, brat?!" She looked more and more scared as her size decreased until she finally ended up in the middle of a mountain that used to be her clothes, ashamed to see how now he was a giant for her. She lowered her gaze and demanded to return her to her normal size. She had spent years training to fight against Goku again, and being the size of a doll, she would not be able to fight with him.

"Wow, I can't believe you have become such a little lady." He looked confused and curious at Caulifla as he took her in his hand and caressed her. "I'm not sure how to get you back to normal, but if we go with Bulma, she could give you a solution, although it would be slow," he answered, smiling.

At which she replied with a negative. It was already very embarrassing for her that what she considered an inferior warrior was holding her in his hands and caressing her like a pet.

Caulifla knew she was in tremendous trouble and fortunately remembered that Cabaa had mentioned to her that in the Earth of universe 7 there were dragon balls that were capable of granting any wish. Without thinking, she asked to go and find them.

"The Dragon Balls? If it is what you want, of course we can go find them, little lady, but I must ask you to keep hidden. My friends may not be scared to see you like that, but ordinary people are not used to seeing things like this." He looked at her smiling happily at her.

"Oh my. Okay, but what am I supposed to do if someone comes to see me?" She looked at him with an arched brow as she put her hands on her breasts, covering them from his sight and closing her legs completely blushing. She was willing to accept everything not for her own good, but because she didn't want Kale to worry and lose control of her power again. It was all decided, and even Caulifla had agreed to pretend to be a figure when they were in public--something that was almost humiliating for her to pretend to be someone's toy.

"Okay miss! Then let's go together. I promise I will take care of you and then we can go out together on a date when you are back to normal."

"Go out together? On a date you and me? I don't know what you mean, but if you give me something with that, I will definitely go out with you," she said confused as she leaned her hands and feet on Goten's chest.

Story by Mike Kamiya
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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