A Little Exhibitionism

Ben and I were major exhibitionists. We would do it anywhere and anytime. The more chance of getting caught the better. We'd been seen a few times, arrested twice.

Then, one night Ben took me on our ultimate adventure. We crashed a swanky party. Once inside, we went into a closet and took a drug that made us shrink right out of our clothes. We scurried about the floor among the feet of the guests and servants until we got to the banquet table, climbed up the table cloth and hid near the centrepiece.

As they sat down to eat, we began to make love right under their noses, our throes of passion barely drowned out by their chatting and the clink of plates and glasses.

Then, this one woman looked right down and saw us... I never came so hard in my entire life.

Story by lbh
Artwork by Altercomics-Pepe Luis

High resolution (4569x6600)

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