A Heavy-Handed Interrogation

Lux awoke with a headache, laying on something cold... It wasn’t until her vision became clear that she remembered what had happened, the mage quickly jumping to her feet and looking around.

Standing at about 7 inches tall, she was in a cage atop a table. She remembered a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, shooting a shrinking spell at her while she was taking her evening stroll. She looked around some more, only to be horrified at the sight of a tapestry hanging on the wall. On it was the logo of the Demacian Resistance, and she could feel prickles of sweat begin to form on her forehead, her heart pounding almost painfully in her chest. She knew what they wanted. She then noticed her wand next to the cage.

“If I can somehow get to my wand maybe I could--” but her thought was cut off by the door swinging open, causing her to yelp with fright. For an instant, she could see outside: it was a beautiful starry night, with a not-so-beautiful man standing in the doorway, blocking her view. It was Siva, leader of the resistance. He closed the door behind him, and the night wind reached Lux and made her shiver; it was at that moment she realized she was completely nude. Lux's face became beet red as she tried covering her breasts and crotch with her arms.

“Why the modesty, little one?” Siva asked. “It won’t do you much good.” He took a seat in front of the cage. “You know what we’re after, so how about you just tell us what you know and no one gets hurt? And by no one, I mean you.” A slight smile crossed Siva’s lips, sending a chill down Lux’s spine. She could tell from the smirk that Siva did not want her to tell him immediately so that he could have some fun with her, but at the same time she couldn’t just disclose classified information.

“I have no clue what you’re talking about,” replied Lux, playing dumb.

“You know, I thought you might say that.” Siva got out his chair and stood over the cage. To Lux, Siva was colossal. She began shaking in fear as monstrous hands opened the cage door.

“W-wait!” Lux stumbled backwards as Siva’s hand approached her. He violently grabbed Lux around her waist and pulled her out the cage. “P-put me down!” Lux screamed as he lifted her squirming body to his face, being far from gentle. “L-loosen y-your grip, would ya?!” said Lux through gritted teeth, arching her back from the force of trying to push against the squeezing fingers of her captor. She continued to kick her feet and curl her toes, as if trying to relieve some of the pain, her face still red from embarrassment... or perhaps for another reason.

“How about you just tell me the location of that crystal, and we call it a night?” Siva said calmly.

“I already told you I--” Lux was cut off by a sharp pain in her side as Siva began to squeeze hard. Lux let out a painful moan, feeling her ribs creaking. She began gasping for air and madly kicking her legs. What was only a few moments felt like forever as Siva finally loosened his grip. Lux coughed and wheezed, slumping over her captor’s hand, her arms dangling over the giant fingers holding her.

“You are a bad liar. Now, let’s try that again: where is the crystal?” Lux’s eyes began to prickle with tears. Though she did not want to endure another squeezing, she still swore to secrecy.

“P-please… you can have anything but that... a-anything!” said Lux desperately, continuing to try and squeeze her way out the massive fingers.

“You expect me to show sympathy after everything I worked so hard to get!?” asked Siva, tightening his grip once more.

“Ackkk, p-please don’t… ughhh… don’t do this.” Lux once again found herself kicking and gasping for air.

“Now, I’m gonna ask you one last time: WHERE IS IT!?” This time Siva did not loosen his grip.

“I- I…” Lux found it hard to speak in her current situation. She continued kicking and squirming in Siva's hand, her mind racing for possible ways to escape this hell. She stopped trying to hold back tears, and with some sniffles and more struggling... finally said she'd never tell him.

It only took those four words to completely tip Siva over the edge. He began squeezing the helpless girl with all his strength. Lux let out a blood curdling scream, madly kicking her legs and pushing her tiny hands against Siva’s squeezing fingers. She could feel her ribs crack, her vision started to blur, and soon she had completely lost consciousness.

“Damnit!” Siva punched the desk and held the rag-dolled Lux in front of his face, trying to shake her awake. Annoyed, he violently threw Lux back in the cage. “Charles! Call the Mender to fix this thing up,” said Siva, pointing at the lifeless Lux.

“Y-yes, sir,” said Charles, who had witnessed everything. With a frown on his face, he ran to go fetch the Mender.

“Now then, let us try again tomorrow.”

Story by RogueScholar
Artwork by MisterEye

High resolution (2550x3300)

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