Down Time 2

Down Time 2
Down Time 2

Keira Lang’s incantation to make herself tall enough to be a model has led to great success, but it comes at a cost: she must eventually reverse it and shrink... and the longer she stays tall, the smaller she becomes! Now she’s been invited on a European modeling shoot – one which will push the limits of her spell beyond anything she’s experienced. Just how small will Keira get?

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, process, half-size, doll-size, mouse-size, bug-size, insertion, urethra insertion, pleasure, height increase, sex, clothes ripping, shrinking out of clothes, magic

Set to release on September 01, 2024
15 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by Wolfgee
This issue is part of the Down Time series.

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